[Detailed tutorial] BasisX is Huobi’s first algorithmic stable currency to anchor USD

Judging from the outbreak of DEFI last year, it indicates that the digital financial ecosystem is developing in a more and more perfect direction. Also, because of the money-making effect and immeasurable number of users brought about by the emergence of the DEFI ecosystem, many exchanges have deployed public chains. , Including the head exchange Huobi. Huobi Ecochain is a decentralized, high-efficiency and energy-saving public chain. It is also the first product launched by the Huobi Open Platform to be combined with DEFI. It is called “DEFI 2.0” by the industry. Soon after it was launched, there were many outstanding development teams. To create applications on the ecological chain, from the 30 projects with token listings seen in Heco’s “Creator Project”, it can be seen that developers are vying for the first cup.

BasisX is an algorithmic stablecoin project built on the Huobi ecological chain. In order to better build Heco’s ecology, BasisX has made innovations and optimizations in both the mechanism design and the technical model, as HT The first algorithmic stablecoin anchored to USD, BXC and HT closely fit, and do their best to promote the development and growth of the Huobi ecological chain application.

Understanding the BasisX project in multiple dimensions:

BasisX is an upgraded version of Basis Protocol, which has been optimized in several aspects:

1) The upper limit of the inflation rate, by setting the maximum expansion rate, the token model runs more stably

2) Rebase time is short, high frequency is more extreme experience

3) Support USDT mining to adapt to the habits of more users

For detailed project information, please visit the official website of the project: https://basisx.io

Start the journey of BXC mining to get rich

1.The entire mining process is divided into:

1)Prepare a “hoe” (supports multiple HRC20 token mining).

2)Log in to the officially announced mining farm, find the mining pool you are going to mine, and authorize it to mine. (URL: https://basisx.io)

2. The following detailed tutorial:

Preparations: BXC is an algorithmic stablecoin on the Huobi ecological chain, we need to use the wallet Metamask Metamask download URL: https://metamask.io/

3.Before mining, you need to set up Heco wallet

1)Click on the Ethereum main network in the upper right corner

2)Click Custom RPC

3)Set up a custom network

·Network name

HECO mainnet







·explorer URL


For example:

4) Wallet switching

Then enter the HECO mainnet to prepare for liquid mining.

1. Deposit USDT(You can buy USDT on Huobi, AND withdraw by HECO)

2. Enter to BasisX.io

3. Enter the mining pool to start liquid mining, we take USDT-BAS as an example, first enter Medex.com, choose usdt and BAS respectively, add liquidity, and get LP certificate.

Authorization is required during operation.

Congratulations, to the last step, click Approve to authorize it! Of course, if you use our supported tokens to directly perform pledge mining, you don’t need to Add liquidity on Mdex.com in exchange for LP, you can directly transfer assets to your For the wallet, you can directly select the corresponding mining pool for mining on the BasisX.io official website.

Fairly distributed & censorship resistant stablecoin with an algorithmic central bank https://basisx.io