What is BasisX?

BasisX is an algorithmic stablecoin project built on the Huobi ecological chain.When the price of BXC is higher than US$1.05, the contract minted BXC and allocated to BXS pledge users; when the price of BXC is lower than US$0.95, users can purchase BXB at a discounted price…

Judging from the outbreak of DEFI last year, it indicates that the digital financial ecosystem is developing in a more and more perfect direction. Also, because of the money-making effect and immeasurable number of users brought about by the emergence of the DEFI ecosystem, many exchanges have deployed public chains…

In order to make the operation more convenient for most users, the team decided to replace HUSD-BXC with USDT-BXC. Users can save HUSD exchange fees.

BasisX algorithmic stablecoin tokens are divided into three types: BXC, BXS, and BXB. BasisX has 50,000 BXC mined at an early stage and supports mining with multiple tokens including HUSD,HT,HBTC,HDOT,HETH. …


Fairly distributed & censorship resistant stablecoin with an algorithmic central bank https://basisx.io

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